(2019–in progress)

video / performance with live narration & live chamber ensemble 
paper: “Lagomorph Lessons: Feminist Ethics for Environmental Sensing and Making Sense”

Thermopower reframes the climate crisis within a feminist analysis of power, weaving the concept of thermoregulation through the practices of human animals, non-human animals, and human-designed technologies such as air conditioners and internet servers.

The project consists of scholarly research and writing as well as a multimedia work. It introduces the American pika (Ochotona princeps), a small mountainous relative of rabbits and indicator species for the climate crisis, as a lens through which to examine the specificities of thermoregulation across mammals and machines. Emerging from field and lab research conducted with Ashley Whipple, a biologist who studies American pika stress, the multimedia component of the project blends video from a steerable online research camera together with satellite imagery, narration, and a score for chamber ensemble and algorithms. The work exists as a standalone video as well as a live performance. Together, the texts and work commingle creative, scientific, cultural, and technological approaches, animating a conversation on the role of technology in maintaining livable temperatures.

  • Recepient of the INSITE Fund, presented by RedLine Contemporary Art Center and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Multimedia performance is in development.
  • Exhibited by invitation in Labocine by Imagine Science Films, Winter of the Climate-Haunted Globe Issue.
  • Supported by a Full Fellowship at Nature, Environment, Science and Technology (NEST) Studio.