International (select):

2021    Feminist Data Practices: Conversations with Catherine D’Ignazio, Lauren Klein, and Maya Livio,” Diseña, (19)

2016    This Artists' Residency Occupies the Guest Room of a Website,” VICE

2016    “Selections for Privacy, Surveillance, and Prison Reform Announced,” NewHive Blog

2016    LaBeouf, Rönkkö, and Turner embark on a digital road trip: #TAKEMEANYWHERE,The Guardian

2016    Click Here: The Pros and Cons of Art Online,” Rough Version Blog

National (select):

2018    "Why LaBeouf, Rönkkö, and Turner Hitchhiked Across America,” GQ

2017    Seeing GIFs Away from Your Computer Becoming More Common,” NPR Pheonix

2017    “Explore the World of Fine-Art Animation,” Professional Artist Magazine

2016    LaBeouf and His Collaborators Are Hitchhiking Across America for New Project,” Complex

2006    “Stealing the Show at U-Md,” The Washington Post

Local (select):

2023    Queering Data, Salvaging Birds: Maya Livio Recontextualizes Conservation as Caltech’s Art + Research Resident”, Caltech News

2019    Underground Operation,” Daily Camera

2019    Boulder Exhibit Explores Technology, Digital Culture Through Subterranean Theme,” The Gazette

2019    “Feminist Lab Symposium Shines Light on Equity Issues in Scientific Fields,” CU Independent

2019    “CU Boulder to Host Symposium on Feminist Labs,” Daily Camera

2017    Are GIFs Fine Art? Ello and the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art Think So,” The Denver Post

2016    Art and Technology are Set to Intersect at This Year’s MediaLive Event,” Denver Life Magazine

2014     “Bull Market: Graphic Designer Creates Homage to Baltimore's Runaway Steer,” The Baltimore Sun

2006    “’Selections‘ of Opportunity,” The Diamondback