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Maya Livio researches, curates, organizes, teaches, and makes media about multispecies living and dying on a networked planet. Rooted in a committment to environmental and social justice, her work probes at the contact zones between technological systems and living ecosystems. It has been featured in and supported by places such as The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Arts, RedLine Contemporary Art Center, The Washington Post, the Institute of Network Cultures, NPR, Femmebit, Complex Magazine, VICE, The Baltimore Sun, The Denver Post, Labocine, and Vanity Fair.

Livio has programmed and commissioned new media art and discourse as Curator of MediaLive, an annual media arts festival at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMoCA). She has also cultivated community around old media as Curator of the Media Archaeology Lab, a space for hands-on research with historical technologies. She is a PhD candidate at University of Colorado and earned her MA from the University of Amsterdam. Currently, she is a grantee of the INSITE Fund and Co-PI grantee of a 2019-2021 Research and Innovation Seed Grant.