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The Feminist Labs Project examines the recent proliferation of labs and lab-like spaces within and outside of academic institutions and asks: How can these sites of collaborative knowledge production integrate feminist methods and approaches into the work they do? The project also amplifies existing feminist and justice-oriented labs and work and serves as a resource hub for “feminist doing”.

The project has included writing, interviews, and organizing, including the “What is a Feminist Lab?” Symposium, which took place in April 2019. Featured speakers included: Ashley Baccus-Clark, Ingrid Burrington, Max Liboiron, Elizabeth Losh, Tara McPherson, Marisa Parham, Jacqueline Wernimont, and Darren Wershler. View the symposium teaser above. 

We recognize an abundance of feminisms. Our feminism is explicitly anti-racist, anti-ableist, anti-colonial, and trans-inclusive—always oriented towards justice for those marginalized along lines of gender, race, ability, sexuality, class, age, and nationality.

The project is co-organized with Lori Emerson and Thea Lindquist.