MediaLive 2019: April 25–May 27

Artists & Researchers: LaTurbo Avedon, Michelle Ellsworth, Brian House, Matmos, Kendle McDowell, Tabita Rezaire, Anna Ridler, Rich Silva, The Colorado Mycological Society, and Francis Marion Moseley Wilson

Subterranean, the 2019 edition of MediaLive, included a month-long exhibition as well as performances, workshops, and events. The installations and programming interrogated the connections between technology and the underground, from extraction of material resources, to secretive government actions, to the decisions made by Artificial Intelligence. The exhibition was also a testing ground for curatorial approaches to reduce environmental harm, taking the role of earthly materials in the artworks and exhibition design into account.  

I am Curator of this annual exhibition and festival, hosted by Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMoCA) and taking place in multiple venues throughout the city of Boulder. The festival draws an average of over 2000 visitors annually and has garnered hundreds of individual mentions in both local and national publications, including: The Guardian, Vanity Fair, NY Magazine, Colorado Public Radio, ARTNET, USA Today, New York Daily News, NME Magazine, VICE Media, CBS News, The Today Show, GQ Magazine, and the Huffington Post.