January 12–February 17, 2006
co-curator, with Bryan Sykes

Artists: A. Clarke Bedford, Jonathan Bucci, Mike Geno, Barry Scott and R.L. Tillman

Appropriately centers on parody, irony, and satire, playing with the expectations and ideals of appropriate responses to contemporary art.

Both Bucci and Bedford’s work make direct use of art world references, Bucci’s Biscayne Bay parodying Christo’s 1983 surrounded island by re-creating latex miniature islands on the gallery floor, and Bedford’s modern art jokes toying with viewers’ inclinations to trust what they see on the walls. Popular culture and commerce provide the fodder for Geno and Tillman, while Scott’s playful wax creatures relish in their thinly veiled innuendos.

As part of the exhibition, A. Clarke Bedford presented the lecture/performance Hornbuckle School of Hygiene and the Arts: The Crisis of Aesthetic Focus in 19th Century Rural America.