April 17–18, 2019

Featured speakers: Ashley Baccus-Clark, Ingrid Burrington, Max Liboiron, Elizabeth Losh, Tara McPherson, Marisa Parham, Jacqueline Wernimont, Darren Wershler

This two day event brought together lab leaders and collaborators from across the US and Canada to examine the recent proliferation of labs, survey the current lab landscape, and explore the ways in which intersectional feminist and anti-colonial methods can be integrated into labs and the work they do. 

Co-organized with Lori Emerson and Thea Lindquist

Session 1:

Elizabeth Losh
“Hacking Academic Selves: The Equality Lab at William and Mary”
Darren Wershler
“Home Economics and the Extended Laboratory”

Session 2:

Ashley Baccus-Clark
“What Role Does Immersive Storytelling Play in the Exploration of Black Speculative Futures?”
Jacqueline Wernimon “From Lab to Cooperative: A Feminist Infrastructural Reimagining (in collaboration with Nikki Stevens)”

Session 3:

Tara McPherson
“Designing While Feminist”

Marisa Parham
“Everything New Is”

Session 4:

Max Liboiron
“How to Titrate Like a Feminist”